Click on this link to see the calendar for the current year (Year B – 2017/18): 2017-2018 Calendar

A legend for the colours that appear on the calendar when you click on the link:

– for days during Epiphanytide or Trinitytide (Ordinary Time) on which there is no Saint or Solemnity of our Lord: green

– for Solemnities/Feasts of Our Lord: white (which appears as light grey)

– for commemorations or feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary: blue

– for days on which there is a Saint who was martyred: red

– for days on which there is a Saint who was not martyred: white (which appears as light grey)

for Ember Days; and during Advent, Pre-Lent and Lent: purple

for one Sunday in Advent (Advent 3) and one Sunday in Lent (Lent 4), the colour of the day is rose – in recognition of the somewhat more joyful opening words of Mass.  On Advent 3 – Gaudete Sunday, the opening word of the Introit is “Rejoice” from Philippians 4:4 – Gaudete in Domino.  On Lent 4 – Laetare Sunday, again “Rejoice” (from a different Latin word that also translates as rejoice): Isaiah 66:10 – Laetare Jerusalem.

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